Silent Promise, by Beopjeong Sunim

Buddhism now

Buddhist monk, Mustang, photo © Lisa Daix In a secular world that is becoming increasingly complex and heartless, we are becoming bound by such a sea of laws that we can hardly keep track of them. It’s difficult to understand why we need so many laws and regulations just to get on with our lives. When powerful laws are enacted and proclaimed, you would think that life would become smoother; but it seems that actually the opposite is happening, with more sensational and horrible crimes increasing day by day. We can’t help but envy the people of yesteryear who got by so well without so many laws.

When you’re walking in the mountains and you come to a fork in the path, you’ll often see indicators made from rock piles or branches to lead you the right way. It’s then that we become aware of the debt of gratitude we owe to the gentle people who set…

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